Training Recap: April 11-17

Last week was a pretty great week of training. Recap, please!

Monday, April 11: 6 miles
6 easy miles in the morning with my Joe to Go morning-coffee-run crew. Still a bit stiff from running 22 two days before, but felt ok after a few miles to loosen up. I did blow off my core work though. Oops.

Tuesday, April 12: 0 miles
Tuesday corework! Sit-ups, leg raises, scissors, bicycles, clamshell extensions and pushups.

Wednesday, April 13: 10 miles
No more Wednesday doubles! I wanted to do an easy 10 in the middle of the day (about 2:30 pm) but my legs had other ideas. Ended up running a hilly route at marathon pace (7:53 pace overall), and my last 6 miles — which were pretty flat — were all 7:41-7:48, and it felt… well, not EASY, but not HARD either. A comfortable push. It got me excited for May 1, for sure.

Thursday, April 14: 8 miles am, 6.4 miles pm
My last day of doubles! The morning run was super slow. The problem with running hard at 2:30 in the afternoon on Wednesday means that my legs are still poo by the time I run again at 6 am the next day. It was a slog, but my evening run more than made up for it. My legs felt recovered and it showed in my pace. In the morning, I paced 9:10 and in the evening with my running group I paced 8:03, and that felt loads easier than the morning run.

Friday, April 15: 0 miles
Just core work! Sit-ups, bicycles, Russian twists, lunges, squats, push-ups, planks and a variety of bridges. Good to get back into doing core work more regularly; I could tell that it was lacking because my hips were feeling pretty loosey-goosey.

Saturday, April 16: 10.75 miles + 6k race (3.75 miles) = 14.5 miles
As I wrote about in my River Horse 6k write-up, I ran with a teammate from Princeton to the River Horse Brewery in Ewing, NJ for the innaugural River Horse 6k race. It was a good workout. We kept to an easy, conversational pace on the long miles down there, and then I hit my goal pace of between 10k and HM pace at the race as a “fast finish.”

Sunday, April 17: 7.1 miles
Took it nice and easy. I was a little bit sore in the hips from the day before, but by the end of the run I felt like I’d shaken it off. I’ve been noticing at the end of long runs or hard runs that the muscles on the outside of my hips seem to be the most sore… any tips on how to strengthen there, O Wise Blog Readers?

Total Miles: 52 miles

This is the last week with doubles, and the last week above 50 (or even 40!) miles. Even though this was still above 50, it felt like a breeze just taking out one midweek run and having a few less miles to run for my long run. I’m both excited and nervous about the true taper (39 miles this upcoming week and 19 miles leading up to the marathon); I’m excited for all the extra time for sleeping I’m gonna have, but nervous about having too much time on my hands to fret about my marathon. But I’ve been loving this “fresh legs” feeling. It’s not until you start to cutback that you realize just how normal fatigued legs had felt!


5 thoughts on “Training Recap: April 11-17

  1. How do you manage to get the fresh legged feeling so early? It takes me at least 10 days into taper before I start feeling “bouncy” again. I’ll have what you’re having!

    This was a great week, and I really admire your ability to do all those doubles. I don’t think I will ever be able to do that unless running is my full time job or someone is holding a gun to my head and making me. Just thinking about having to take two showers and change clothes so many times makes me wanna hurl. But I bet it is fantastic for your training!


    • Haha well the grad student life has lots of flexibility. I’ll shower-shower after an am run and then quick shower after a pm run. But only having responsibilities from 10-2:30 SOME days really leaves the rest of the day pretty open for running! 🙂
      As for getting the bouncy feeling… I have no idea. I put in a lot of 60 mile weeks, so whenever I’ve dropped below that my legs feel fantastic. Though I’m sure in a few days I’ll get all those taper phantom pains!!


  2. i dont know how you do those AM and PM runs, when i get home from work i am so over the day i just want to veg. i have a ton of hip issues and i do a lot of yoga for them but what has helped strengthen them is leg lower/lift, fire hydrants and clam shells…im assuming those are the names because thats what my fitness instructor calls them 😀


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