Summer Lovin’ (Running Edition!)

Since I don’t have races or fun insights to write about lately… it’s time for a list! Here are some running stuffs and things that I’ve been loving this summer!

  1. Popsicles.
    Few things are better than coming home from a hot, humid, sweaty, gross run and chopping the top off a Flavor Ice push-tube popsicle and turning my tongue blue with chemically-dyed-and-flavored frozen water.
  2. Oiselle stride shorts.
    This spring, I raved about Oiselle’s distance shorts. Well, summer and its humidity rolled around and we are not getting along. In the humidity, the distance shorts tend to roll up between my legs and stay there. And if I wanted to run in glorified underwear, then I’d do that. So I’ve turned back to my trusted tight shorts, and I have been loving my Strides. With a 4.5″ inseam and a dollop of Vaseline under the seams, they don’t move at all. I’ve come back from many a long run drenched in sweat — like, sweat is literally dripping out of my shorts, my socks are squishy, my wicking shirt is wring-able — and there is ZERO CHAFE. It’s amazing.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.37.54 PM
    Strides shorts featured here in the fun new Burgen Tribeca print!

  3. Saucony hydralite, in all forms.
    One of my summer go-to styles is Saucony hydralite. I have one tank and three short sleeves and it’s amazing for hot and humid runs. I hardly wore anything else during our three consecutive heatwaves in July. Even when I’m soaked head to toe in sweat, the shirts don’t feel heavy. Or, if you abandon shirt mid-run they make a super absorbant face wipe (I’ve done this quite a few times!).

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.51.48 PM
    I don’t have any good pics of me in my fave short-sleeves, but here is a hydralite in hibiscus and LOOK HOW SWEATY I AM!

  4. Joining the #sportsbrasquad.
    Even though I gained 5 lbs after running the New Jersey Marathon during my major slump and not having the “summer body” I always MEAN to carve out of my lumpy mid-section during the spring, I’ve thrown caution to the wind with the humidity and heat this year. After one shirtless run on some lonely roads and realizing that it felt SO GOOD to have more skin exposed when it was 100% humidity, I’ve become a strong advocate of losing the shirt. I don’t care if my tummy is a bit more blobby/less toned than I’d like… comfort will win out! Plus if anyone wants to give me shit, they’ll have to catch up to me first! 😉

    Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 7.49.56 PM.png
    Post-run pic after my first sports bra-only run in late June. Feeling strong!

  5. Gatorade!
    Specifically the G2 variety, and I’m expanding my flavor horizons! Though the blue G2 is the nectar of the gods that gets me through the last miles toughest summer runs (I daydream about it until the second I walk through the door back into my house!), I now have deemed the grape G2 flavor quite acceptable and have been alternating between the two when I make my weekly grocery stops. Even though the actual benefit of G2 may be debatable, I can’t deny that a sweet and sugary (but low calorie) beverage after a 75F, 100% humidity July morning has gotten me hydrated and out of dehydration headache territory several times a week.

What have you been loving this summer?
And has your weather been as completely awful as we’ve had it in New Jersey lately? For the first time since probably early June we’re finally getting mornings with temps below 70, thank goodness!

Happy Hump Day!


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