Updates big and small!

Ok so it’s been a little while. Again. Oops. But I have a perfectly valid reason! I was busy finishing my thesis! I turned in my final draft last Tuesday and have my defense next Tuesday, which means I am like 95% done with my Masters. One. Last. Hurdle!

I’ve also been getting settled in at my new job.

And I’ve been preparing to move again this week (to a more permanent place, thank goodness).

And, oh yeah… I injured myself like an idiot. I managed to strain my left calf — my on-and-off trouble spot — by stepping weird in a pothole during a long run. I’ve been taking good care of it (took some days off, been foam rolling, got a massage 36 hours after it happened, did lots of icing and compression sleeve-wearing), but there’s no way I’m running the full 26.2 at Via in two weeks. I’m gonna switch down to the half-marathon at the Expo that weekend and just have a good time. If I PR, great, but I just wanna enjoy the scenery and have a fun time to jumpstart the fall training season. I have another race in October that will be a PR attempt for the half.

The silver lining of this injury and not running a marathon in early September is that now my fall training opens up for my goals that I had kind of laid to the side when I realized Via and Philly are 10 weeks apart. But now I get to reach for them. I will yet again try to hit a sub-3:30 time for a marathon but I also get to strive toward consistent 60-70 mile weeks. I saw amazing progress this spring doing 50-60 per week with a peak at 64, so I want to hit the 70 milestone once or twice this fall during peak weeks.

Plus, fall is my favorite training season. Crisp air. Cute running fashions. Not being drenched in sweat at the end of every run. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, folks.



3 thoughts on “Updates big and small!

  1. You are now the THIRD person I know who was training for the Via full and had to drop due to injury/burnout. I think that race is cursed.

    Good luck finishing up your degree, and with your Philly training! I admire people who can tackle more than one marathon in a year, let alone in a season. It is way too much work and miles for me to do all that training. Take it easy and make sure you give your body time to heal adequately. I’m sure you’ll have a great fall!!

    PS, are you going to be around Cedar Rapids at all this fall? I’m going to be back for Labor Day this weekend and for Thanksgiving!


    • Via must be cursed!! It’s kind of a blessing in disguise though. I was bummed to have such a short training window during the fall… and now it’s twice as long without taper/recovery periods!

      I will be in CR for homecoming in October and for Christmas… so right in between/after both your visits!! Excellent timing 😉


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