Weekly recap! (Aug 29-Sept 4)

This week was crazy and stressful and nutso, and with my calf still on the up-and-up, I didn’t sweat getting a ton of miles in. So let’s round ’em up, shall we?

Monday Aug 29: 3 miles
I met up with my Monday morning coffee group and did the first loop (we ususally do two 3 mile loops). I had to get to work around 8 am, so I didn’t have time to run til 7 and get coffee with the crew like I usually do.

Tuesday Aug 30: Rest day
But I did get a good arms/back/core workout by loading up my car so I could move in to my new place Wednesday evening.

Wednesday Aug 31: 4.4 miles
I didn’t run in the morning, and I got to work around 7:30 so I could leave at 3:30, run errands on campus (pick up my thesis from the printer and drop it off to the necessary folks on campus), sign my lease on my house share, and then move enough stuff into my house so that I could take my car to my office lot and park it. I didn’t have a parking permit for Wednesday night, so I left my car at work and ran home. It’s just shy of 4.5 miles and it’s either on the tow path or sidewalk the entire way. Will definitely be making use of this throughout the fall!

Thursday Sept 1: 4.3 miles
This time I ran TO work instead of from work. It was hot and humid and rainy, but I made good time. I’d stashed all my clean-up stuff at work as well as a change of clothes, and it worked out really well. I’ll be writing a separate post about my run commute details in the near future.

Friday Sept 2: Rest day

Saturday Sept 3: 9.4 miles
We had some really spectacularly cool and fall-type weather this weekend in NJ. And no tropical storm manifested itself! I ran a gorgeous, rolling hill route with my running group Saturday morning in low-6os, breezy, sunny weather and it got me so excited for fall training. Plus, my calf didn’t get tight at all until 8.6/9.4 miles, but it wasn’t tight enough that I felt like I had to walk it off. Big improvement! The farthest I’d gone before Saturday without having to walk off some tightness was about 5 miles. I’ll definitely be HM ready next week and ready to train again the week after that!

Sunday Sept 4: 5.7 miles
Normally, my short-long run is Saturday and then I do a long-long run on Sunday, but since I’m tapering/babying my calf I just wanted a solid 45-60 minute run instead. I got a good whiff of fall (dead leaves + cool air), and so even though it’s going to be hot later this week and humid/warm for my race next weekend (or so it’s forecasted a week ahead of time), I can safely say that fall is very near!

Weekly total: 26.8 miles

This is my lowest weekly total since my big slump in May/June. But all week, I was going to work at 7:30 am, leaving at 3:30 and running errands from 3:30-5:00. I was just too exhausted to get up early enough to run before work or to run after all my dashing about was done. Plus I moved to a new house, and that was a whole process all by itself! I’m just going to say this was part of my taper. I was so busy that I was surprised that I had run “only” 27ish miles. I’ll have low mileage again this upcoming week, but after the Via HM I’ll be getting back up to the 50s, then 60s, and then I should be hitting high 60s or low 70s by the end of September/first week of October!!

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