Last week recap!

Life stuff has been keeping me busy, but finally! A training recap!

Last week I was more or less tapering for the Via HM / letting my calf seal the deal on the whole healing/recovery thing from when I strained it 4 weeks ago. So low mileage for me!

Monday September 5: 6 miles
Labor Day! I met up with my usual coffee crew but an hour later than usual to run some easy miles on a gorgeous day. Temps were low, the sun was bright, and I got a good whiff that dead leaf autumn smell.

Tuesday September 6: 6 miles
I usually rest on Tuesdays, but I had my MA thesis defense on Tuesday morning at 10 am, so I thought I’d get some miles in to wake up my brain. Definitely a good call! It was a bit warmer than I’d have liked, but my calf felt good and I felt much more awake and alert at my defense than I would have without a morning run.

Wednesday September 7: 4 miles
I had planned to run twice on Thursday, but some scheduling conflicts came up so I ran after work instead so I could get to the office around 7:30 on Thursday morning. It was hot and I was mad that I had to rearrange my runs so I ended up calling this a speed workout day. My calf had been a bit tight to start but it didn’t get tighter and it was ok by the end of the run, so at least I didn’t set myself back on that front!

Thursday September 8: 3.2 miles
We had a Pub Run with our Pacers running group, and I was tapering, so I just did the first loop of the run and then hit up th ebar! And one loop was more than enough as it was 95F when we started. Ugh! BUT there were super cool air-brush tattoos done by Princeton Face and Body Art which made the heat a bit more bearable because we looked cool 🙂


Friday September 9: REST DAY

Saturday September 10: 5.3 miles
I got my miles in Saturday by doing a friend’s warm-up and cool-down for a 5 mile race, and I spectated in between. (She killed it, won first woman overall; woo!). It was a warm day and I was glad I wasn’t racing. Plus I had my own race to contend with on Sunday.

Sunday September 11: 13.1 miles
Via Half Marathon! This did NOT go well for me. I had thrown out most of my goals; I was no longer running the full for a BQ and I knew it was not going to be a PR, but then I wok eup Sunday and the weather was even worse than predicted. The forecast had said it would be an overnight of about 74 degrees. NOPE. I woke up at 4:45 Sunday and it was 79F and 80% humidity. I started the race optimistic that it would be fine. I chose to run in just a sports bra and shorts to maximize air flow; there was a nice breeze so I figure more breeze-skin contact would be good (and it was).


However around mile 6, I started to feel pretty “blah.” I drank at a water stop — a bit of water, a bit of Gatorade because I was sweating a ton — and the “blah” turned to nausea. I had to walk a bit and then carry on, but every time I drank something, my stomach churned. But I decided that some nausea and walk breaks were better than not drinking for the rest of the race and feeling dehydrated (read: headachy and miserable) all day long. I had wanted to do a 1:45 or better, then decided around mile 4 that 1:45-1:50 was good, and then around mile 6-7 I thought it would be nice just to finish without puking.

So I spent the rest of the race walking as needed, chatting with people, encouraging other people who were being crushed by the heat, and enjoying the course. The course is really beautiful, largely flat, and incredibly scenic. It was nice to take it slow and look around!

Ultimately, I came in at 1:54:54, which is not bad at all for the conditions. This wasn’t a goal race and I didn’t have anything on the line (even my ego!). Post-race I got a beer, drank my G2, put on some dry socks, and waited for my stomach to settle before eating some runner goody bag snacks, and then camped out by the finish to cheer for the full marathoners coming in and the last of the HMers before taking the shuttle back to the start and heading back to my hotel.

All in all, I ran 37.6 miles last week, which is more than I’ve ran in a while. And my calf felt fine after Via and continues to feel fine this week (spoiler alert) so I am giving myself the green light to resume training!

Tomorrow I am run commuting, so expect a post from me before the weekend (I hope) detailing that!


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